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AMD VIIETH108.50 Mh/s236w0.46 Mh/w$1.61435 days
AMD RX 6900 XTCTXC3.80 Gp/s199w0.02 Gp/w$1.06945 days
AMD BC-160ETH71.00 Mh/s130w0.55 Mh/w$1.051,899 days
AMD RX 6800 XTETH+ALPH61.36 Mh/s+1.17 Gh/s192w0.32 Mh/w$1.02638 days
AMD RX 6800RVN33.48 Mh/s143w0.23 Mh/w$0.98589 days
AMD RX 5700 XTETH+ALPH55.17 Mh/s+0.33 Gh/s118w0.47 Mh/w$0.85530 days
AMD RX 5700ETH+ALPH55.75 Mh/s+0.22 Gh/s123w0.45 Mh/w$0.85449 days
AMD RX 6950 XTETH53.86 Mh/s136w0.40 Mh/w$0.801,376 days
AMD VEGA 56ETH53.70 Mh/s175w0.31 Mh/w$0.80501 days
AMD BC-250ETH50.65 Mh/s+0.54 Gh/s81w0.63 Mh/w$0.751,330 days
AMD RX 6700 XTETH+ALPH45.52 Mh/s+0.59 Gh/s126w0.36 Mh/w$0.73657 days
AMD VEGA 64ETH48.82 Mh/s170w0.29 Mh/w$0.72689 days
AMD RX 6750 XTETH+ALPH40.30 Mh/s+0.63 Gh/s130w0.31 Mh/w$0.66837 days
AMD RX 5600 XTETH+ALPH41.67 Mh/s+0.29 Gh/s108w0.39 Mh/w$0.64433 days
AMD RX 6600 XTETH+ALPH29.84 Mh/s+0.51 Gh/s82w0.36 Mh/w$0.49774 days
AMD RX 570ETH32.32 Mh/s135w0.24 Mh/w$0.48436 days
AMD RX 580ETH32.22 Mh/s135w0.24 Mh/w$0.48479 days
AMD RX 470ETH31.00 Mh/s130w0.24 Mh/w$0.46522 days
AMD RX 6600ETH+ALPH28.32 Mh/s+0.42 Gh/s76w0.37 Mh/w$0.46717 days
AMD RX 6650 XTETH+ALPH27.53 Mh/s+0.53 Gh/s82w0.34 Mh/w$0.46873 days
AMD RX 5500 XTETH+ALPH27.12 Mh/s+0.22 Gh/s77w0.35 Mh/w$0.42471 days
AMD RX 6500 XTETC+ALPH13.32 Mh/s+0.35 Gh/s50w0.27 Mh/w$0.20985 days
AMD VIIETH108.50 Mh/s236w$1.61
AMD RX 6900 XTCTXC3.80 Gp/s199w$1.06
AMD BC-160ETH71.00 Mh/s130w$1.05
AMD RX 6800 XTETH+ALPH61.36 Mh/s192w$1.02
AMD RX 6800RVN33.48 Mh/s143w$0.98
AMD RX 5700 XTETH+ALPH55.17 Mh/s118w$0.85
AMD RX 5700ETH+ALPH55.75 Mh/s123w$0.85
AMD RX 6950 XTETH53.86 Mh/s136w$0.80
AMD VEGA 56ETH53.70 Mh/s175w$0.80
AMD BC-250ETH50.65 Mh/s81w$0.75
AMD RX 6700 XTETH+ALPH45.52 Mh/s126w$0.73
AMD VEGA 64ETH48.82 Mh/s170w$0.72
AMD RX 6750 XTETH+ALPH40.30 Mh/s130w$0.66
AMD RX 5600 XTETH+ALPH41.67 Mh/s108w$0.64
AMD RX 6600 XTETH+ALPH29.84 Mh/s82w$0.49
AMD RX 570ETH32.32 Mh/s135w$0.48
AMD RX 580ETH32.22 Mh/s135w$0.48
AMD RX 470ETH31.00 Mh/s130w$0.46
AMD RX 6600ETH+ALPH28.32 Mh/s76w$0.46
AMD RX 6650 XTETH+ALPH27.53 Mh/s82w$0.46
AMD RX 5500 XTETH+ALPH27.12 Mh/s77w$0.42
AMD RX 6500 XTETC+ALPH13.32 Mh/s50w$0.20
AMD VIIETH108.50 Mh/s$1.61
AMD RX 6900 XTCTXC3.80 Gp/s$1.06
AMD BC-160ETH71.00 Mh/s$1.05
AMD RX 6800 XTETH+ALPH61.36 Mh/s$1.02
AMD RX 6800RVN33.48 Mh/s$0.98
AMD RX 5700 XTETH+ALPH55.17 Mh/s$0.85
AMD RX 5700ETH+ALPH55.75 Mh/s$0.85
AMD RX 6950 XTETH53.86 Mh/s$0.80
AMD VEGA 56ETH53.70 Mh/s$0.80
AMD BC-250ETH50.65 Mh/s$0.75
AMD RX 6700 XTETH+ALPH45.52 Mh/s$0.73
AMD VEGA 64ETH48.82 Mh/s$0.72
AMD RX 6750 XTETH+ALPH40.30 Mh/s$0.66
AMD RX 5600 XTETH+ALPH41.67 Mh/s$0.64
AMD RX 6600 XTETH+ALPH29.84 Mh/s$0.49
AMD RX 570ETH32.32 Mh/s$0.48
AMD RX 580ETH32.22 Mh/s$0.48
AMD RX 470ETH31.00 Mh/s$0.46
AMD RX 6600ETH+ALPH28.32 Mh/s$0.46
AMD RX 6650 XTETH+ALPH27.53 Mh/s$0.46
AMD RX 5500 XTETH+ALPH27.12 Mh/s$0.42
AMD RX 6500 XTETC+ALPH13.32 Mh/s$0.20

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