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SATOX will always be a POW oriented chain. The SATOX project has a primary mission to implement P2E, but only in split consensus with POW. True crypto was founded with concept of POW mining, and shall remain so on in future. We have taken a unique approach to Play2Earn, we are redefining the concept and we believe this is the correct way to earn crypto rewards in 2023, you can play your favorite game on STEAM, users have already earned SATOX on 500+ games on STEAM , there’s no restrictions on servers, play like normal and earn your fair share of SATOX.
Network hashrate26.09 GH/s
Network difficulty372.78
Total block reward300 SATOX
Block reward Fee30 SATOX (10%)
Block reward mining270 SATOX
Block time60 Sec
Daily emission432000 SATOX
Volume 24h$196283
Updated 4 minutes ago
Last hour-1.31%
Last day0.17%
Last week131.34%
Updated 3 minutes ago
Return 1 Mh/s$0.0188
Last hour10.12%
Last day17.17%
Last week32.81%
Updated 3 minutes ago
Return 1 Mh/s14.57 SATOX
Last hour9.77%
Last day13.35%
Last week-39.97%
Price vs Earnings for SATOX
Price vs Rewards for SATOX
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