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Here you can find overclock, estimated earnings and return of investments on most GPUs for mining crypto currency. Currently supporting ETH (ethash), RVN (kawpow), ERG (autolykos2), CFX (octopus) and more!. All overclocks are for Simplemining OS / Linux based systems.

Stats for GPUs mining crypto currency
ModelCoinHashratePowerEfficiencyEst. 24hROI
NVIDIA RTX 3090ETH122.15 Mh/s290w0.42 Mh/w$8.67173 days
NVIDIA RTX 3080ETH101.58 Mh/s224w0.45 Mh/w$7.2197 days
NVIDIA RTX 3080 TiERG247.92 Mh/s207w1.20 Mh/w$6.50184 days
AMD VIIETH85.20 Mh/s189w0.45 Mh/w$6.05116 days
AMD VEGA 56ERG188.30 Mh/s200w0.94 Mh/w$4.9481 days
AMD RX 6800 XTETH63.20 Mh/s104w0.61 Mh/w$4.48145 days
NVIDIA RTX 3060 TiETH62.42 Mh/s125w0.50 Mh/w$4.4390 days
NVIDIA RTX 3070ETH62.34 Mh/s115w0.54 Mh/w$4.42113 days
AMD RX 6900 XTETH61.70 Mh/s140w0.44 Mh/w$4.38228 days
AMD RX 6800ETH61.01 Mh/s108w0.56 Mh/w$4.33134 days
NVIDIA RTX 3070 TiERG159.44 Mh/s140w1.14 Mh/w$4.18143 days
NVIDIA RTX 2080 TiETH57.46 Mh/s160w0.36 Mh/w$4.08319 days
AMD RX 5700ETH56.74 Mh/s135w0.42 Mh/w$4.0394 days
AMD RX 5700 XTETH56.44 Mh/s125w0.45 Mh/w$4.00112 days
AMD VEGA 64ETH48.82 Mh/s170w0.29 Mh/w$3.46144 days
AMD RX 6700 XTETH46.95 Mh/s98w0.48 Mh/w$3.33144 days
NVIDIA GTX 1080 TiETH46.77 Mh/s210w0.22 Mh/w$3.32211 days
NVIDIA RTX 2080 SuperETH46.00 Mh/s160w0.29 Mh/w$3.26214 days
NVIDIA RTX 2070 SuperETH45.32 Mh/s111w0.41 Mh/w$3.22155 days
NVIDIA P102-100ETH45.00 Mh/s190w0.24 Mh/w$3.19244 days
NVIDIA RTX 2060 SuperETH44.04 Mh/s105w0.42 Mh/w$3.12128 days
AMD RX 5600 XTETH41.66 Mh/s110w0.38 Mh/w$2.9694 days
NVIDIA RTX 2070ETH40.00 Mh/s125w0.32 Mh/w$2.84176 days
NVIDIA RTX 2080ETH40.00 Mh/s150w0.27 Mh/w$2.84282 days
NVIDIA RTX 3060ETH37.15 Mh/s120w0.31 Mh/w$2.64125 days
NVIDIA P104-100ETH36.27 Mh/s135w0.27 Mh/w$2.57155 days
NVIDIA GTX 1080ETH33.84 Mh/s135w0.25 Mh/w$2.40250 days
NVIDIA GTX 1070 TiETH33.46 Mh/s135w0.25 Mh/w$2.37189 days
NVIDIA RTX 2060ETH33.06 Mh/s78w0.42 Mh/w$2.35170 days
AMD RX 570ETH32.32 Mh/s135w0.24 Mh/w$2.2991 days
AMD RX 580ETH32.22 Mh/s135w0.24 Mh/w$2.29100 days
NVIDIA GTX 1660 SuperETH31.74 Mh/s75w0.42 Mh/w$2.25102 days
AMD RX 470ETH31.00 Mh/s130w0.24 Mh/w$2.20109 days
NVIDIA GTX 1660 TiETH30.00 Mh/s80w0.38 Mh/w$2.13132 days
NVIDIA GTX 1070ETH28.00 Mh/s120w0.23 Mh/w$1.99191 days
AMD RX 5500 XTETH27.24 Mh/s65w0.42 Mh/w$1.93103 days
NVIDIA GTX 1660ETH26.50 Mh/s80w0.33 Mh/w$1.88116 days
NVIDIA P106-100ETH24.04 Mh/s86w0.28 Mh/w$1.71175 days
NVIDIA GTX 1060ETH22.00 Mh/s85w0.26 Mh/w$1.56160 days
NVIDIA RTX 3080 LHRERG Mh/s207w0.00 Mh/w$0.00inf days
NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti LHRETH Mh/s115w0.00 Mh/w$0.00inf days
ModelCoinHashratePowerEst. 24h
NVIDIA RTX 3090ETH122.15 Mh/s290w$8.67
NVIDIA RTX 3080ETH101.58 Mh/s224w$7.21
NVIDIA RTX 3080 TiERG247.92 Mh/s207w$6.50
AMD VIIETH85.20 Mh/s189w$6.05
AMD VEGA 56ERG188.30 Mh/s200w$4.94
AMD RX 6800 XTETH63.20 Mh/s104w$4.48
NVIDIA RTX 3060 TiETH62.42 Mh/s125w$4.43
NVIDIA RTX 3070ETH62.34 Mh/s115w$4.42
AMD RX 6900 XTETH61.70 Mh/s140w$4.38
AMD RX 6800ETH61.01 Mh/s108w$4.33
NVIDIA RTX 3070 TiERG159.44 Mh/s140w$4.18
NVIDIA RTX 2080 TiETH57.46 Mh/s160w$4.08
AMD RX 5700ETH56.74 Mh/s135w$4.03
AMD RX 5700 XTETH56.44 Mh/s125w$4.00
AMD VEGA 64ETH48.82 Mh/s170w$3.46
AMD RX 6700 XTETH46.95 Mh/s98w$3.33
NVIDIA GTX 1080 TiETH46.77 Mh/s210w$3.32
NVIDIA RTX 2080 SuperETH46.00 Mh/s160w$3.26
NVIDIA RTX 2070 SuperETH45.32 Mh/s111w$3.22
NVIDIA P102-100ETH45.00 Mh/s190w$3.19
NVIDIA RTX 2060 SuperETH44.04 Mh/s105w$3.12
AMD RX 5600 XTETH41.66 Mh/s110w$2.96
NVIDIA RTX 2070ETH40.00 Mh/s125w$2.84
NVIDIA RTX 2080ETH40.00 Mh/s150w$2.84
NVIDIA RTX 3060ETH37.15 Mh/s120w$2.64
NVIDIA P104-100ETH36.27 Mh/s135w$2.57
NVIDIA GTX 1080ETH33.84 Mh/s135w$2.40
NVIDIA GTX 1070 TiETH33.46 Mh/s135w$2.37
NVIDIA RTX 2060ETH33.06 Mh/s78w$2.35
AMD RX 570ETH32.32 Mh/s135w$2.29
AMD RX 580ETH32.22 Mh/s135w$2.29
NVIDIA GTX 1660 SuperETH31.74 Mh/s75w$2.25
AMD RX 470ETH31.00 Mh/s130w$2.20
NVIDIA GTX 1660 TiETH30.00 Mh/s80w$2.13
NVIDIA GTX 1070ETH28.00 Mh/s120w$1.99
AMD RX 5500 XTETH27.24 Mh/s65w$1.93
NVIDIA GTX 1660ETH26.50 Mh/s80w$1.88
NVIDIA P106-100ETH24.04 Mh/s86w$1.71
NVIDIA GTX 1060ETH22.00 Mh/s85w$1.56
NVIDIA RTX 3080 LHRERG Mh/s207w$0.00
NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti LHRETH Mh/s115w$0.00
ModelCoinHashrateEst. 24h
NVIDIA RTX 3090ETH122.15 Mh/s$8.67
NVIDIA RTX 3080ETH101.58 Mh/s$7.21
NVIDIA RTX 3080 TiERG247.92 Mh/s$6.50
AMD VIIETH85.20 Mh/s$6.05
AMD VEGA 56ERG188.30 Mh/s$4.94
AMD RX 6800 XTETH63.20 Mh/s$4.48
NVIDIA RTX 3060 TiETH62.42 Mh/s$4.43
NVIDIA RTX 3070ETH62.34 Mh/s$4.42
AMD RX 6900 XTETH61.70 Mh/s$4.38
AMD RX 6800ETH61.01 Mh/s$4.33
NVIDIA RTX 3070 TiERG159.44 Mh/s$4.18
NVIDIA RTX 2080 TiETH57.46 Mh/s$4.08
AMD RX 5700ETH56.74 Mh/s$4.03
AMD RX 5700 XTETH56.44 Mh/s$4.00
AMD VEGA 64ETH48.82 Mh/s$3.46
AMD RX 6700 XTETH46.95 Mh/s$3.33
NVIDIA GTX 1080 TiETH46.77 Mh/s$3.32
NVIDIA RTX 2080 SuperETH46.00 Mh/s$3.26
NVIDIA RTX 2070 SuperETH45.32 Mh/s$3.22
NVIDIA P102-100ETH45.00 Mh/s$3.19
NVIDIA RTX 2060 SuperETH44.04 Mh/s$3.12
AMD RX 5600 XTETH41.66 Mh/s$2.96
NVIDIA RTX 2070ETH40.00 Mh/s$2.84
NVIDIA RTX 2080ETH40.00 Mh/s$2.84
NVIDIA RTX 3060ETH37.15 Mh/s$2.64
NVIDIA P104-100ETH36.27 Mh/s$2.57
NVIDIA GTX 1080ETH33.84 Mh/s$2.40
NVIDIA GTX 1070 TiETH33.46 Mh/s$2.37
NVIDIA RTX 2060ETH33.06 Mh/s$2.35
AMD RX 570ETH32.32 Mh/s$2.29
AMD RX 580ETH32.22 Mh/s$2.29
NVIDIA GTX 1660 SuperETH31.74 Mh/s$2.25
AMD RX 470ETH31.00 Mh/s$2.20
NVIDIA GTX 1660 TiETH30.00 Mh/s$2.13
NVIDIA GTX 1070ETH28.00 Mh/s$1.99
AMD RX 5500 XTETH27.24 Mh/s$1.93
NVIDIA GTX 1660ETH26.50 Mh/s$1.88
NVIDIA P106-100ETH24.04 Mh/s$1.71
NVIDIA GTX 1060ETH22.00 Mh/s$1.56
NVIDIA RTX 3080 LHRERG Mh/s$0.00
NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti LHRETH Mh/s$0.00

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