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Mining Rethereum + Radiant (RTH+RXD) on NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti
The NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti is able to archive a performance of 71.70 Mh/s while mining Rethereum + Radiant. Rethereum + Radiant (RTH+RXD) uses the algorithm EthashB3+sha512256d.
Medium Overclock
Settings will work on many RTX 3070 Ti
Benchmark info
MemoryMicron 8GB
Overclock settings
Core clock offsetNot set
Core clock lock1200 MHz
Memory clock offset2000 MHz Linux
1000 MHz Windows
Memory clock lockNot set
Powerlimit250 w
AdvancedNot set
Estimates on Medium overclock
Revenue4.301 RTH
Hashrate71.70 Mh/s
Efficiency0.33 Mh/W
Revenue Dual88.450 RXD
Hashrate Dual530.00 Mh/s
Efficiency Dual2.42 Mh/W
Power Reported219 watt
Set overclock in miner software
Miner options for Rigel
--lock-cclock 1200 --mclock 1000 --pl 250
Exchanges for RTH
Exchanges and markets
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Pools for RTH
Mining pools
434.07 GH/s (63%)688.69 GH/s
Known hashrateNetwork hashrate
Missing pool?
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