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Why it started

After a long time beeing active in the mining community, it was a few questions that popped up all the time:

What overclock should I use for -GPU- while mining -COIN-?

I figured out, an easy to link web site with all info needed for some OC examples would be brilliant. So after some brainstorming, the domain was registered 9th january 2021 with the goal of making it possible to just enter followed by the GPU model, like - And you would get both estimated earnings and overclock examples for the GPU in question!

What is the miner options for mining -COIN- at -POOL-?

When you want to start mining something new, creating the miner options could be a tricky task. A simple miner options wizard was the idea, so you could simply just click what coin, miner and pool you would like to use, and the options automatically got generated. This function actually started out as, but was quickly integreated into It can be found under the link

and our background
Marius L.
Creator/owner of this website, goes by the alias r0ver2

Has a long experience with GPU mining and mining in general. After starting with home mining in 2017 (.. a few GTX 1070 Ti was the first rig!). Slowly building up the mining operation, while gaining experience and knowledge - he joined SimpleMiningOS (smos) in 2020 as a support engineer. Furthermore he is active as a supporter for MMP OS since 2021 and joined the beta versions testing team for lolMiner in mid 2021.


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