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Nervos Network

Built on RISC-V and secured by Proof-of-Work, CKB is the most flexible and interoperable Layer 1 in the blockchain industry. It serves as the ultimate foundation of Nervos, a modular blockchain network built from the ground up to ensure outstanding security, decentralization, flexibility, and interoperability.
Power consume
Miner Fee
Pool Fee
Revenue 100 Th/s
1654 CKB
Power Cost 100 watts
17.91 CKB
Miner Fee Cost 1%
16.54 CKB
Pool Fee Cost 1%
16.54 CKB
1603 CKB
Solo mining
Mining solo with 100 Th/s
The CKB network have an estimate of 6863 blocks per day, and a network hashrate of 393.14 PH/s. With a hashrate of 100 Th/s, which equals to 0.00000000% of the network, you will have 0.00000000% chance of finding a block in a day. On average, you will find 1 block every INF days at the current network hashrate.
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