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NVIDIA RTX 2080CFX53.25 Mh/s159w0.33 Mh/w$0.89899 days
NVIDIA RTX 2080 TiETH58.20 Mh/s+1.57 Gh/s212w0.27 Mh/w$0.861,506 days
NVIDIA RTX 2070 SuperCTXC2.82 Gp/s142w0.02 Gp/w$0.78636 days
NVIDIA RTX 2070CTXC2.51 Gp/s138w0.02 Gp/w$0.70714 days
NVIDIA RTX 2060CFX40.90 Mh/s125w0.33 Mh/w$0.68584 days
NVIDIA RTX 2080 SuperETH46.00 Mh/s160w0.29 Mh/w$0.681,025 days
NVIDIA RTX 2060 SuperETH+ALPH43.48 Mh/s+0.26 Gh/s132w0.33 Mh/w$0.67597 days
NVIDIA RTX 2060 12GBETH+ALPH31.10 Mh/s+0.48 Gh/s155w0.20 Mh/w$0.51950 days
NVIDIA GTX 1660 SuperETH31.74 Mh/s75w0.42 Mh/w$0.47487 days
NVIDIA GTX 1660 TiETH31.10 Mh/s60w0.52 Mh/w$0.46607 days
NVIDIA GTX 1660ETH26.50 Mh/s80w0.33 Mh/w$0.39557 days
NVIDIA RTX 2080CFX53.25 Mh/s159w$0.89
NVIDIA RTX 2080 TiETH58.20 Mh/s212w$0.86
NVIDIA RTX 2070 SuperCTXC2.82 Gp/s142w$0.78
NVIDIA RTX 2070CTXC2.51 Gp/s138w$0.70
NVIDIA RTX 2060CFX40.90 Mh/s125w$0.68
NVIDIA RTX 2080 SuperETH46.00 Mh/s160w$0.68
NVIDIA RTX 2060 SuperETH+ALPH43.48 Mh/s132w$0.67
NVIDIA RTX 2060 12GBETH+ALPH31.10 Mh/s155w$0.51
NVIDIA GTX 1660 SuperETH31.74 Mh/s75w$0.47
NVIDIA GTX 1660 TiETH31.10 Mh/s60w$0.46
NVIDIA GTX 1660ETH26.50 Mh/s80w$0.39
NVIDIA RTX 2080CFX53.25 Mh/s$0.89
NVIDIA RTX 2080 TiETH58.20 Mh/s$0.86
NVIDIA RTX 2070 SuperCTXC2.82 Gp/s$0.78
NVIDIA RTX 2070CTXC2.51 Gp/s$0.70
NVIDIA RTX 2060CFX40.90 Mh/s$0.68
NVIDIA RTX 2080 SuperETH46.00 Mh/s$0.68
NVIDIA RTX 2060 SuperETH+ALPH43.48 Mh/s$0.67
NVIDIA RTX 2060 12GBETH+ALPH31.10 Mh/s$0.51
NVIDIA GTX 1660 SuperETH31.74 Mh/s$0.47
NVIDIA GTX 1660 TiETH31.10 Mh/s$0.46
NVIDIA GTX 1660ETH26.50 Mh/s$0.39

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